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Nuclear energy


Nuclear energy

With nuclear power are all sorts of phenomena in which you have the energy production due to changes in atomic nuclei . Nuclear power, along with renewable sources and fossil fuels, is a primary energy source, or is present in nature and is not derived from the processing of other forms of energy.
The reactions involving nuclear energy are mainly those of fission nuclear power and nuclear fusion
'Nuclear energy is given by the fission or fusion of the nucleus of an atom.
The fission is to break the nucleus of the atom to make large amounts of energy emerge
The other method to obtain energy from the atom is the Fusion nuclear power. It is exactly opposite to fission: instead of heavy nuclei break up into small pieces, combine light nuclei (from hydrogen, consisting of a single proton) in heavier nuclei: the mass of the latter is less than the sum of the original ones , and the difference is emitted as gamma-ray energy in the form of high frequency and kinetic energy of neutrons emitted.


The nuclear power station

in the schematic representation of the central Caorso (Piacenza), which was halted following the referendum of 1987. The plant consists of three distinct parts: the reactor building, engine room, auxiliary buildings.

Building with the reactor

The building is a huge cylinder of reinforced concrete basement for third, 70 meters high. The reactor, located at the center, is a stainless steel cylinder 22 meters high, surrounded by a shield of reinforced concrete closed by a lid that can be removed by a crane. Inside the reactor is the core, ie linsieme Lurani containing fuel elements and control rods to regulate the chain reaction.

Engine room

It has a steam turbine coupled to an alternator. The condenser is cooled by an independent circuit that takes Lacqua cold from the Po, which is then downloaded once it becomes hot.

Auxiliary buildings

They contain, among other kernel, the pools filled with screens for cut temporary storage of spent fuel elements and highly radioactive.


nuclear energy


The reactor is pumped from below the water temperature has, filtering through the fuel elements, it absorbs the heat emitted by the fission delluranio and turns into steam. This is sent directly to the turbine that moves its mechanical strength allalternatore that generates current. The plants like this suspend the production of energy about once a year round: the reactor is stopped, then you open the shell to extract the spent fuel elements. These are highly radioactive and is stored for 3-5 months in pools to lower radioactivity. Finally they are transported in special containers, in the closest and reprocessing plants.

schema reazione nucleare

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