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Photovoltaic Floating Platforms


The new frontier of photovoltaic: the WATER! photovoltaic floating platforms. Production of PV modules of floating in water reservoirs, dams or lakes.

And 'the new frontier of Photovoltaics: no more then addresses problems related to the roof surface to be covered, no more issues related to the change of use from agricultural land to land used as a resource for energy production: the new challenge is now WATER !

Yes, almost all the basins of water stops, as both natural and artificial reservoirs, dams in which you may already produces electricity, the lakes, all surface, immense power use due to floating modules!

This is a patented, made in Italy, made up of floating and specially designed stainless steel frames that connect the floating
provide at the same time the support structure already inclined to the
photovoltaic panels.

PHOTOVOLTAIC float in water !

floating pv system

These modules have been specially designed by a company Tuscany, 6 ECO srl
( ) targeted to support the structure that supports the panels. by means of special connectors, you can get "stripes" floating, perfectly stable, on which our bell'impianto install photovoltaics.

pv floating plant

the fact that the "cube" floating - it already because of cubes! - are carried out in Italy, reliability, assurance and above all contains neither the costs, then investment spending falls perfectly in view-in tariff revenues to be typical of Who should invest in a photovoltaic impioanto.

Of course we are talking about large plant, 500 kWp up ..... but they can also be produced in small installations from 20 kWp or 50 to meet the consumption needs .. take for instance a farm or a small farm ... .

The first plant was opened in Bubano, near Imola. This is a floating platform over 200 meters long and just over 60 meters wide on which the panels have been placed to form a 500-kilowatt system. The positive notes, and of course the fact that agricultural land is not used for the construction of this impact are:

- Inability to undergo total or near-theft or damage ... to take a punt, lower from the shore, reach the lake, adopt a flexible battery to break the hooks that hold the panels, take away a panel at a time .. . makes the system safe from unwelcome sorpese

- Production increased: in the morning despite sub-zero temperatures, the mitigating effect of the water through the panels is defrosted 1 hour before those assembled on the ground, which is equivalent to an accelerated start of production. During the summer and the summer heat, the mitigating effect of the water causes the panels work at lower temperatures, the efficiency Sharpening

- Is it possible to get back in as an incentive since it is expected particularly technological innovation.

Here are the earliest photographs taken duranmte the completion of this which is in all respects be the largest photovoltaic floating platform in the world!

( )

floating photovoltaic plant

photovoltaic floating platform


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