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Geothermal Energy


Alternative energy and renewable energy: Producing heat thanks to the 'energy getermica subsoil.

Geothermal energy is energy generated by means of geological heat sources. It is based on the production of natural heat of the Earth (geothermal energy) powered by thermal energy released in processes of nuclear decay of radioactive elements like uranium, thorium and potassium, contained naturally in the earth. The geothermal power plants

The flow of steam from the ground that produces a force to move a turbine, the turbine's mechanical energy is then converted into electricity via a generator. 
Geothermal systems can be vapor-dominated, when upwards determines the temperature build-up steam, or water-dominant if Lacqua remains a liquid. 
How The energy can be exploited geothermal? 
The energy in the subsurface can be used with many technologies. Below we list the most common applications, as you can see below.


energia geotermica


> The geothermal heat exchangers are of the typical vertical length from 50 to 200 m.

> The coils in the ground heat exchangers are placed horizontally at 1-2 m depth in loose soil.

> The systems and returning destrazione wells using groundwater or surface, which are cooled.

> The energy piles are heat exchangers integrated into the elements of foundation piling and construction typically have a depth of several meters

> The water tunnels often have a high temperature and flow rates can be used satisfactorily.

> The thermal waters have a high temperature that can be used.

> The deep heat mining for generating electricity and heat requires the drilling of up to several kilometers deep in the Earth. A pilot project is being developed in Basel.

Among all these types dinstall most common ones are the low-temperature technologies, namely geothermal, systems to wells, the coils and poles in the ground energy. These technologies have the advantage of not requiring the achievement of depth too high. 
The low-temperature geothermal installations require a heat pump that turns dallambiente The energy extracted at a higher temperature, typically for heating and producing hot dacqua. Depending on the source of the liquid heat denergia environment and used, we distinguish the types of heat pumps: brine-water, water-water, air-water and air to air.


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